Will New Windows Add Value to My Home?

Are you considering having your windows replaced? Perhaps you’re considering moving in the future and are wondering if new windows are worth the investment. It’s been found that having new windows installed offers a great return for the amount spent and can increase your home’s value by as much as 10%. According to estate agents, most buyers nowadays consider double glazed windows to be a necessity when they’re searching for their dream home.

Not only will modern double or triple glazed windows be more likely to attract buyers by improving kerb appeal, the better energy efficiency ratings which accompany newer windows are also an important selling point as long term energy costs will be lowered.

Given the heightened security provided by current windows, buyers will be more willing to move themselves and their family into your home than into a home with older, less secure windows.

Many buyers choose homes that they can move straight into, without having to spend their time and money on doing up the property. You’re more likely to attract one of these buyers if you install new windows prior to putting your home on the market. One thing to bear in mind however is to pick a window style in keeping with your home. Replacing windows of a period property with uPVC windows, for example, could actually lower the property’s value as those windows may not match the home’s style. In this example, new wooden windows may be a more suitable option if you’re looking to sell your property. Of course if you plan to remain in your home long term, then choose the window style of your choice but if your main consideration is to add value to a home that you’re going to be selling then this is something worth thinking about.

New windows can make such a massive difference to the appearance of your property. They are one of the first things that a potential buyer will notice and so window renovation is most definitely worth taking into account if you want your home to make a perfect first impression. Click here if you’d like to find out more about our window installation service.