Why Install New Windows?

Are you considering replacing your existing windows? Windows are so important as they affect not only the aesthetics of a property but also its performance. Here are some of the most common motives for customers choosing to replace their windows:

1. The windows have suffered damage, have broken or become warped

This is one of the predominant reasons for installing new windows. Have your windows started to let moisture in? Are they fogging up? Have they stopped opening? Damaged windows can be more than just unsightly. Moisture can lead to rotting of your property’s structure and failure to open can cause stuffiness in the warmer months as well as safety issues, such as in the event of a fire.

2. To transform the property’s appearance

As mentioned earlier, windows are key components of a property’s appearance, both inside and out. Consider having larger windows installed if you would like to increase the light inside your property. Here at We Fit we have so many beautiful styles of window available that we’re certain there’ll be a style for you if you’re looking to makeover your property. Click here to take a peek at our windows.

3. To improve the property’s security

New windows are packed full of features to prevent unauthorised access to your property by burglars and other trespassers. Do your window locks no longer function? It’s time to think about having new, safer windows installed.

4. To lower energy bills

With time, windows can start to let in drafts which in turn will increase your monthly energy bills. Modern windows are much more energy efficient. Your heating bills will be lowered after the installation and although there will be the initial payment due for the new window, in the long run you’ll end up saving money.

5. To increase the value of the property

It is said that on average installing new windows increases the value of properties by double the amount spent on the replacement. Window replacement is an investment that most definitely pays off if you’re considering selling up. Not only are the magnificent new windows in themselves selling points, but potential buyers may also be drawn to your property because of the savings they’ll make from lower energy costs.

6. To reduce noise levels

Are you in need of some peace and quiet? Perhaps you’re based on a busy, noisy road? Windows these days are often double or even triple glazed, which drastically reduces the amount of noise that can enter your property.

7. To safeguard furniture

The latest windows are able to prevent UV light from passing through, which in turn can prevent your cherished furnishings from becoming faded.

If you’d like to know more about our window installation service, here’s how you can reach us.