Why are Casement Windows so Popular?

Casement windows are windows that have one or more hinges on which the sash swings outwards in order to create an opening. These windows are the most popular window style installed in the UK for many reasons. Here we will take a closer look at the reasons why these practical and versatile windows are the most popular style.

Suitable for all types of property

Casement windows can be fabricated to any height and width and so can be incorporated into any aperture in any property.


As these windows are so popular and both easily and regularly produced, they are the most inexpensive of the window styles available, offering great value and affordability.

Fully customisable

  1. Opening styles

These windows offer a selection of opening styles, including side hung and top hung. Top hung casement windows are hinged at the top and are great if you would like to ventilate your property and keep out the rain.

  1. Designs

Casement windows can be manufactured in chamfered and ovolo finishes.

  1. Single or multiple frames

These windows can be installed as single frame or double framed windows. Double framed windows can be fit so that they meet in the middle similarly to French doors or with a fixed casement in the centre.

  1. Further choices

We Fit offer the choice of uPVC or aluminium casement windows, which can be double or triple glazed with infinite colours to pick from.

Fantastic energy efficiency

These windows are extremely efficient because on closing, the sash presses so closely against the frame so as to create an airtight seal. They keep cold air out and warm air in. Due to their heat retention capabilities, you will likely benefit from reduced heating bills.

Superb Security

If you choose to have casement windows installed, you can have peace of mind that your property and its occupants will be safe and sound all year round. Casement windows installed by We Fit feature internal beading to prevent glass panes from being removed from the outside as well as advanced locking technology.

Excellent ventilation

Casement windows offer excellent ventilation, allowing air to circulate throughout your property effectively.

In addition, casement windows:

  1. Allow plenty of light to flow into your property.
  2. Effectively reduce unwelcome noise.
  3. Are easy to maintain.

Whether your property is a residential or commercial building and traditional or modern, casement windows are definitely a top window installation choice.