What Preparation is Needed before a New Window Installation?

We’ve compiled the below guide in answer to this frequently asked question.

Before the Installation

  • A member of our team will have been in touch with you to schedule your window installation date and your fitter will have met with you at your property to carry out a walk through of the work that will be carried out.
  • On the installation date, it would be helpful if you could take time off work, at least in the morning to allow our team access and at the end of the day upon completion of the installation. If however you’re going to be out when our team arrive, you’ll need to make arrangements with us to allow them to gain access to your property. You’ll also need to remember to turn off any security systems prior to their arrival.
  • Please remove any objects such as potted plants and garden furniture from immediately outside of your windows and obstructing furniture and ornaments from inside your windows. If required, our installers can assist you to move heavy objects. We ask that you please remove blinds and curtains prior to the installation, so that our installers can directly access your window frames. Nearby wall hangings should also be removed where possible.
  • Our fitters will require clear access and plenty of space to work. Please try to leave a clear passage from your property’s entrance to the windows that are being replaced.
  • We ask that you please leave your drive or the area closest to your access point clear of any vehicles so that our team can park up as close to your property as possible.
  • Our team will carefully lay down carpet protection sheets to shield your flooring and bulky objects from dust and debris.
  • All of the above will help to ensure that the installation is carried out as efficiently as it can be.
  • An average installation is usually completed within one day, but this depends on how many windows you’re having replaced. Each window should take 1-2 hours to fit.

During the Installation

  • There will inevitably be some mess and disruption during the installation so be prepared for this! Don’t worry though, you’ll only be inconvenienced for a short time and our team will try to minimise mess and clean up once they’re done.
  • You’ll need to keep any children or pets away from the areas where our team are working and find somewhere where you can all to relax whilst the work is being carried out.

After the Installation

  • As part of our service, our installers will clean up after themselves and leave your property as neat and tidy as possible. Bear in mind however that it can take a few hours for dust to settle so you’ll probably also need to give your home a quick dust and hoover later on.
  • Our fitting team will let you know once they’ve finished installing your new windows and then they’ll talk you through each of their features, operation and and how to maintain them. They’ll test each window with you to ensure that they’ve all been correctly installed. Here you’ll have the opportunity to let us know if there’s anything that isn’t to your satisfaction but we’re sure that you’ll be thoroughly pleased with the quality of the work carried out.
  • You don’t need to worry about disposing of your old windows. Our fitters will take them with them to be recycled upon completion of the job.

If there’s anything further that you’d like to discuss with us in relation to preparing to have your windows fit, here’s how you can reach us.