What are the Types of Garage Door?

Here’s a quick overview of each of the main types of garage door:

Up and Over

Image by CDC Garage Doors

Up and over is the most popular, classic garage door style. The garage door lifts up from the bottom and goes up and over in one piece over the garage space.


Image by Garage Door Discounts

These garage doors are comprised of sections rather than just one panel. They open by sliding upwards vertically and curving back underneath the garage ceiling.


Image by Garage Doors Online

Roller garage doors also open vertically, similarly to sectional garage doors. However, these doors make a roll above the opening (either inside or outside the garage opening) rather than going back into the space above the garage.

Side Hinged

Image by Access Garage Doors

Side hinged garage doors open outwards like traditional double doors, with hinges on the side of each of the doors.

Round the Corner or Side Sliding

Image by CMS Doors

These garage doors are similar to sectional and roller doors, however they are designed so that the door moves around the corner and along the side of the garage on a track, rather than moving upwards.

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