Roofline Guide

Rooflines are a vital part of a property and are made up of many components:

  1. Fascias
  2. Soffits
  3. Bargeboards
  4. Guttering
  5. Downpipes
  6. Cladding
  7. Dry verge caps

Rooflines protect the timber and interior of properties from becoming damaged by weather. Here at We Fit, we recommend uPVC as the best roofline material to safeguard your home or business. Below we’ve detailed each of the components of a roofline and their functions.


Fascias are the straight boards that run along the lower edge of the roof.


Soffits are boards that run underneath the fascias, protecting the rafters.


Bargeboards are similar to fascias however these boards run up the sloping edge of the roof (the gable end), protecting the roof timbers. The part where the bargeboard joins with the fascia is called the box end.


Gutters are troughs that collect rainwater that has run off the roof, diverting it away from your property.


These pipes are used to direct rainwater away from the guttering.


Cladding is material added to a building as a decorative and protective top layer.

Dry verge caps

These caps are used where the roof tiles finish on the open edge of the side of the roof slope.

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