How Should I Choose New Windows?

Choosing new windows for your property can seem baffling if you’re unfamiliar with the various factors that impact upon your decision. Below we’ve set out some aspects for you to consider.

Window Glass

The glass that you select will impact on the energy rating of your windows. Windows are rated according to their energy grade from A+ to G, A+ being the most energy efficient and G being the least. New windows must be rated a C or above in order to comply with current regulations.

The more energy efficient the windows are, the lower your energy bills will be. Not only will this benefit you, it will also benefit the environment as you’ll be lessening your carbon footprint.

Most windows nowadays are double glazed, which means that the windows comprise of two glass panes with space in between. Triple glazed windows, which contain an additional pane of glass, are the best if you’re looking for the most energy efficient windows.

Window Material

Of the three main window materials, uPVC is the most popular. uPVC windows are the cheapest, they require very little maintenance and they are extremely durable. Bear in mind however that visually, uPVC windows may not be the most suitable for period style properties. Generally, traditional type properties are best complemented by traditional wooden windows. In terms of maintenance, these windows do require some treatment however if you’re prepared to properly maintain timber windows then this material can also be long lasting. The third of the main materials, aluminium, has gained popularity in recent years. These windows are also affordable with little upkeep required and their slim frames suit the aesthetics of most modern properties.

Window Style

Usually, customers choose a style of window which most complements their property type. Casement windows are most regularly installed in modern properties whereas sash windows tend to be the go to window for traditional properties. Tilt and turn windows are a popular choice for elevated buildings.

Window Colour

Window frame colour is another significant factor to consider when choosing the perfect windows for your property. In the past, White and Rosewood were the colours primarily chosen. More recently, customers have become aware that there are a vast range of colours that they can choose from, such as the trendy Anthracite Grey and Chartwell Green. Our sister company, We Spray uPVC, sprays limitless colours at their professional spray booth and so alongside We Spray, we can provide you with frames in any shade that you desire.

Additional Tips

In addition to considering the above, we also recommend:

  • Choosing windows from a company who will provide a free, no obligation quotation.
  • Selecting a company who are devoted to satisfying their customers.
  • Ensuring that your new windows come provided with a genuine guarantee.

If you’d like to discuss the above in more detail, here you can find the contact details for our friendly team.