How Do I Choose a Window Colour?

Nowadays, windows are available in limitless colour choices. More choices may seem like a blessing until it comes to having to reach the final decision. Windows are key focal points of a property and can completely transform its aesthetic. They are guaranteed to last for many years and so you should take time to research and carefully select the perfect colour that you will admire for years to come. So how do you select the “perfect colour”? Here are some factors to consider.

Your Intentions

Would you like your property to appear contemporary or conventional? Do you want your property to be bold and stand out or to be subtle and blend in? Is your aim for your property to be distinguished from neighbouring properties or to complement them? Depending on your intentions, you may wish to opt for a similar colour to those chosen by your neighbours or a colour unique to your property.

Your Property’s Style

You may have seen windows in a particular colour and fallen in love with that colour, however you should consider the colour in conjunction with your property’s style, rather than in isolation. Traditional properties are usually well complemented by classic colours whereas modern properties tend to suit a more diverse range of colours.

Consider your property’s building material. You should choose a shade which complements your brick/stone and slate/tiles. If you’re unsure which colour to choose, you could look at properties with a similar style and tone as yours for inspiration.

Your Property’s Interior

Should you wish to, you can have new windows installed in a dual colour option, opting for one colour on the exterior side of the windows and another for the interiors. A popular choice is to have windows white on the inside so that windows blend in well with the rest of the interior and an alternate colour for the outside.

Window Frame Colours

White is the enduring popular colour choice for window frames. It is a classic, timeless colour. Black and grey frames are also very popular at present, as those colours are modern and go well with many different property styles and materials. Customers frequently opt for Anthracite Grey but there are actually a multitude of grey shades that you can choose from.

We Fit Window and Doors’ sister company, We Spray uPVC, sprays window frames professionally (as well as many other items) from their state-of-the-art spray booth for both commercial and consumer customers. They can match absolutely any colour and so alongside We Spray, we can install windows for you in a classic colour or a bespoke colour of your choosing.

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