Speed, creativity and a professional fittings

We Fit Windows and Doors are a local business based in Cheshire and Greater Manchester whose services include the installation of windows (including Velux), doors, garage doors, conservatories, rooflines and cladding on both residential and commercial properties.

We Fit was founded by long term family friends Laura, Elliott and Colin. Prior to merging to begin their next venture, Colin had built up expertise by working in this industry for some of the largest national firms for over 25 years. Laura had spent her career working in corporate customer service environments and Elliott worked within the spraying industry. Elliott and Laura then established We Fit’s sister company, We Spray uPVC, which has become a highly successful family run spray business. Having been friends for years, Laura, Elliott and Colin were aware of each other’s passion and professional strengths and weaknesses and knew that they could trust and depend on each other to offer customers a top-quality, affordable and bespoke service.

Our family is always growing

So what is bespoke about We Fit’s services? Alongside We Spray, We Fit are excited to be able to offer products which are customisable in various sheens and any colour to suit customers’ individual preferences. Usually, customers must select from a limited product range however our wish is for customers to have more choice in something as substantial as the design of their home or business properties.

In addition to the founders, we have a friendly, experienced team of tradespersons who each bring their own valuable accomplishments to We Fit to support the company in upholding its principles and exceeding industry standards.

“Behind the success of every small business, there is a family” – Laura White, Co-Director



Operations Manager